The structure, a building of the early twentieth century, contains six rooms, two doubles and two singles, each with private bathroom and air conditioning. A living area with fully equipped kitchen, a dehor and a private garden complete the offer, to give life to a tasteful Milanese experience in the name of tranquility and away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

From the contemporary and sophisticated design, the spaces play with materials, details and conformation of the volumes offering maximum comfort and functionality. The authenticity of Made in Italy blends with the contemporary concept design that characterizes Conti Guest House recreating unique atmospheres and effect. Details, materials and furniture are designed ad hoc and made by selected artisans in the Lombardy region. Colors, shapes and lines give life to environments with a clear identity, through a lively and elegant allure. To characterize the rooms are bright colors such as ruby and rust, pastel colors such as blue and pink.

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