Attention to detail and color magic for a luxury Milanese guest house

The project, realized by Arch. Gisonda with the Mentemano team, summarizes a careful restoration, design and interior design of a Milanese building of the early twentieth century.
The residential building has been given a new function, the receptive one. The guest house has six rooms, a common living area equipped with kitchen and a garden with outdoor area.
The theme of the project is based on the choice of colors and materials, intentionally inserted in a continuous game of contrasts but at the same time of continuity. Each room, in fact, is characterized by a color and the selected shades vary from pastel shades such as pink and powder to the more defined ones like blue and purple until arriving in warmer and more
enveloping colors such as rust and ruby. File rouge that connects all the color choices is the presence of gray in different shades and black declined on different materials such as wood cabinets and doors, fabrics, etc.
Most of the furnishings present were custom-designed for the structure by the architect. Nicola Gisonda.
The solutions adopted throughout the project are aimed at obtaining functional and complete environments with every comfort; spaces that evoke to the public the sense of feeling “at home” and feel the pleasant welcoming atmosphere typical of places where you feel good. The designer thus recreates a real family world, a place to live where comfort and design are at home.