Mentemano is a concept leading to a consideration: is the “mente” (mind) which leads the “mano” (hand) to create a piece of furniture or is it the opposite, having the mind as source of inspiration to conceive the project?

All the products designed by Nicola Gisonda are influenced by a unique architectural perception and based on attention to materials, functionality and space.
The collection is fully Made in Italy, working with local artisans from Lombardy region. High quality, Italian craftsmanship and lifetime allure are the key points of Mentemano.


Nicola Gisonda

His activity as a designer, in addition to collaborations with different companies in the sector, currently sees him engaged in the creation of furniture accessories for his own brand: Mentemano. An idea born from the desire to offer furniture pieces with a strong architectural nature, defined by clean and minimal lines in which matter and functionality find their meeting point.

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