Details, materials and functionality
Design Nicola Gisonda

Zefiro Eigen Huis

Zefiro has been featured on the May issue of Heigen Huis from Netherlands.

The screen is composed by three different panels. The hinges allow the structure to take different shapes.

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Spider Urbana

Spider table has been featured on the May issue of Urbana from Portugal.

The project is based on lightness and attention to details. Volumes and lines are the result of a technical and aesthetic process in order to reach a real elegance.

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The focus on details and finishes becomes an essential element in the designer's creative process, making products having dialogues between each other, defining the environment with their shapes and lines.

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Three different panels composed this unique screen.

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The coffee table has two tops of different sizes reminding of two satellites.

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The design comes from a subtraction process in order to make a focus on the basic frame of Less.

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Bosco takes inspiration from the forest scenario and the intersection of nature and wood elements.

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