Conti Guest House

Small accommodation facilities, people oriented, are growing all over the world, in Milan, Italy as well.

One of them is Conti Guest House, a project conceived by architect and designer Nicola Gisonda who was chosen for the restoration of this early twentieth century apartment building.

The facility is completely independent and made up of three floors. The intervention has been developed through a radical renovation process, transforming a residential palace in a comfortable guest house of six bedrooms, a living area equipped with a shared kitchen and a dehor with a private garden.

Nicola Gisonda, through his language of architecture and interior design, has wanted to create a ​​luxury accommodation, including the concept of a residence where the spaces are made according to the needs of the guests.
Colors and materials become fundamental basics in the whole creative process, deliberately combined in a game of contrasts in order to reach a seamless setting. In fact, every room is set up on a specific tone with a dedicated nuance selected from pastel colors link pink, blue, purple, rust, ruby. Gray and black are significant as well, being conceived as perfect link for the entire structure’s moodboard.

Most of the furniture has been specifically customized for Conti Guest House, including pieces from Mentemano, Made in Italy design furniture brand founded by the same architect Nicola Gisonda. Each piece has been designed following a well-defined process, such as the iconic geometric print made on the boisserie fabric, tables tops and desk consoles.
Especially the boiserie has a geometric design layout, including a brand new stylized proposal, having the surface enhancing the titanium colored background and creating a dynamic contrast of light and dark. The small tables have a geometric design too; in this case, however, in contrast with the color of the lacquered wooden tops.
We can find the brass tone in many pieces including lights, tables legs, bathroom accessories.
Every room includes an installation adopted for separating the bedroom area from the bathroom. In order to provide additional depth, giving continuity to the space and enlarge the visual, a crystal gray smoked filter wall has been wisely inserted. Its partial glazing gives the proper privacy and allows to see the Carrara Marble of the bathroom from the bedroom. White, black and gray are the colors of the living area, linked together to the oak wood floor and the gray of the stone staircase. Blue is another tone, deliberately inserted for creating a black shade.

A disused space in the past, becomes now alive, looking to the garden through a front of windows.
This setting aims to create an imaginary dialogue between the living area and the garden, creating a visible continuity thorough the spaces. The outdoor area becomes an extension of the living one, transforming itself according to the seasons. The additional piece of the living room is the central table aiming to be a meeting point for the guests, enhancing the social atmosphere of Conti Guest House.

The attention to the details is a core aspect of the whole project including the seams of the furniture, the stony elements of the bathroom and the dedicated setting of the stairs. Lighting is handled with care as well for the led lights inserted into the false ceiling. Lamps from Antonangeli complete the project, specifically customized with brass and matt black effects. The colors, the shapes and the lines are absolutely contemporary pieces giving to the structure its own identity; the spaces present a prestigious and elegant allure, highlighted by the specific selection of materials and finishes. The solutions adopted in the project are designed in order to reach a full functionality of the spaces, along with absolute comfort: spaces to make the guests to feel at home.

The project gives life to a Milanese palace of the early twentieth century, located in a neighborhood built according to English villages; not a simple accommodation but a luxury guest house.

The designer recreates a real familiar world, a lively place of comfort and design.

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