Corsia del Giardino

Corsia del Giardino is a bistrot restaurant located in the city center of Milan, Italy between Via Montenapoleone and Teatro La Scala in the so called Quadrilatero della Moda.

A scenography location inspired by a garden scenario, taking its name from the same Manzoni street which was called “Garden's lane” during the neoclassicism, period because of its many hidden gardens of the historic buildings of the street.

Nicola Gisonda, architect and designer of Corsia del Giardino said: “The location fascinated me as soon as I crossed the gallery leading to the courtyard. My eyes laid on the garden in front of me, inevitably attracted by the bright green of the plants blended with the blue of the sky and the brought light of the open space, opposed to the darkness of the gallery behind me. A sense of wonder and curiosity pervades anyone who enters the courtyard, enhancing by the silence of this urban oasis. It’s like closing a door behind you. Turning back makes you realize what little space is separating you from the frenzy. It’s a magical environment that fits with my idea of a place for rest and relief. I had no choice but to try to make these feelings last forever, creating a unique space between the inside and the outdoor”.

Corsia del Giardino spread to 200 square meters, including large windows surrounded by the garden of Poldi Pezzoli museum while the façade of the bistrot overlooks the courtyard. The green spaces and gardens surrounding Corsia del Giardino become integral part of it. The shapes and colors are inspired by natural geometries, conceived in a symbolic and ideal way. In particular, green and brown are the main colors in the whole project as the dominant tones in nature.

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