In the products designed by Nicola Gisonda; matter, function and space are the protagonists of a typically architectural vision that gives the collection a unique identity and design.


The marble elements of this coffee table form an intersection of slabs, making a focus on the unique design of this piece.

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Less drawers

The whole structure is made of solid wood and based on clean lines rounded on the extremities.

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Dieci Dieci

Set of hangers based on a full profile structure, composed by three unique pieces with different shapes.

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A bookcase composed of coated metal profiles with five natural CDF shelves, designed in different shapes.

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The metal tubolar coated base forms a marked intersection of lines.

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Additional boxes for Less.

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A table based on lightness and searching for details.

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Mies van der Rohe's poetics "Less is more" becomes the main inspirational concept for this project.

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A bended steel structure of curves with three double legs.

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A square shaped mirror with rounded angles.

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A coffee table of two "space satellites".

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A console desk made of bended coated steel defined by clear and minimal lines with lacquered wood shelves.

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The lacquered panels are enriched with digital prints giving movement and lightness to the whole structure.

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Two paired tempered glasses create light reflection spreading all over the place.

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